domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

Do you like being a father?
I love it.
Are you very involved with him?
Yes (laughs).
Do you want more children?
Yes (laughs).
You have been in the spotlight since you were a baby yourself. If your son showed talent— by the way does he show any talent at 9 months?
(laughs) Well, I’ll tell you this much… when he’s crying, to keep him from crying, you have to do one thing.
I have to stand in front of him and dance.
Yes, and he stops crying. His tears turn to laughter. He starts— happy, and he starts to smile.
And do you do your moonwalk with him?
Yeah, I do all kinds of moves (laughs) and he stops crying!
And he stops crying? You must do a lot of dancing!
(Laughs) I do a lot of dancing.

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